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A few months ago, I did a build of the STFW Pidgin plugin for Windows. Recently I started using Ubuntu but found that STFW didn’t work on my system. So I did a 64-bit build of the plugin for Pidgin 2.6.x. Here it is! To install, just copy that file over to /usr/lib64/purple-2/ . If […]

It’s been 11 days since I’ve had a slicehost account, so I figured I would write about my experience with it. ¬†Slicehost is a Virtual Private Server (VPS) host that pretty much gives you webspace, an internet connection, and lets you do whatever you want with it. ¬†It’s nice to have the control…but that also […]

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I'm Jon Chin. I love technology, food, and learning. I served a mission in the Philippines and loved it. You probably can't type on my keyboard because I don't have qwerty installed--I use Colemak. I'm obsessed with learning about North Korea and abandoned anything.