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When I migrated from Google Reader to Feedly I noticed that a handful of my feeds stopped working. Since I have about 300 feeds, I didn’t want to click through each one to see which ones aren’t working any more. I built a script to do it instead. In the process, I found a lot […]

In a previous post, I talked about how to transfer a Google Analytics account from one User Account to another. It’s not possible to transfer Properties in an account without transferring ALL of the Properties in the account. In this post I’ll talk about what you should do if you have Properties in the account […]

It is possible to transfer Google Analytics accounts from one user account to another. This is important, because when somebody takes ownership of a website they won’t want to lose that valuable analytics data. First, let’s go over some terminology. Since there’s a deep hierarchy, it’s important to know what’s what. Throughout this article, I’ll […]

There’s a lot of stuff to do when transferring a website, so I compiled a list of things to not forget. This list takes the point of view of transferring a website that was purchased from somebody else, although a lot of the items still apply. Initiate the domain transfer. Each registrar has a slightly […]

Sorting objects rated using django-secretballot is a little tricky. Simply using order_by causes duplicates. There’s even a warning about it in the Django manual for QuerySet. I figured out how to rank the objects and avoid duplicates. It’s not that elegant, so if you have a better solution I’d love to hear it. from django.db.models […]

I use a GUI-less Linux VirtualBox VM for development. I needed an easy way to transfer files back and forth. Seeing as this is the third time I needed to set this up, I figured I should document the steps. Install VirtualBox Guest Additions on the Linux VM On the host VM, click “Devices”->”Install Guest […]

A few months ago, I did a build of the STFW Pidgin plugin for Windows. Recently I started using Ubuntu but found that STFW didn’t work on my system. So I did a 64-bit build of the plugin for Pidgin 2.6.x. Here it is! To install, just copy that file over to /usr/lib64/purple-2/ . If […]

Every time I start CakePHP project, I find that I’ve forgotten how to set up the user auth system of logins, creating accounts, etc. There seems to be only a few examples of it on the internet, so I thought I’d post up my solution. It uses the Auth component and follows normal user creation […]

Well, I’ve been using the Colemak keyboard layout for 2.5 weeks now. Colemak is a keyboard layout alternative (as opposed to qwerty). Here’s what it looks like: As you may know, the keys on qwerty keyboards are the way they are for historical reasons–on typewriters, qwerty keyboards minimized the amount of jamming that occurred with […]

All too often people ask me questions that are just as easily looked up on Google. Things like “How do I burn a CD?” or “What does HTML stand for?” Sometimes I use (short for letmegooglethatforyou) to show them how easy it could have been to just Goggle it. But it takes too much […]

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