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Well, I’ve been using the Colemak keyboard layout for 2.5 weeks now. Colemak is a keyboard layout alternative (as opposed to qwerty). Here’s what it looks like: As you may know, the keys on qwerty keyboards are the way they are for historical reasons–on typewriters, qwerty keyboards minimized the amount of jamming that occurred with […]

I spent this entire week in court on a jury panel. It was my first time serving in a jury and I really enjoyed it. The whole process has really convinced me [more than before] of the fairness of our system. For our case, they brought in about 40 potential jurors and had us introduce […]

Saw this on Craigslist: i need a job wear i dont haf to do anything but play all the time or do wahtever i want to. i am 34 and a hi scool dropout but my dad is trying to get me kick out of the hous. i hav nevr had a job so i […]

My first hint that there was something seriously popular going around was yesterday when I got several emails telling me about KFC’s free 2-piece grilled chicken promotional.  I checked the top Google keywords and found that it was ridiculously popular.  From the top 100 queries, 24 of them dealt with the KFC promotional.  Check the […]

I saw a Subaru commerical the other day that caught my interest.  In it, they showed several boys in uniforms competing in what appeared to be a Pinewood Derby.  Since I was a Cub Scout for several years and have fond memories of building Pinewood Derby cars, I wanted to see what their message was. […]

Two things about RyanAir, an Irish airline, came out on the news this week that are particularly appalling.  Both their rude response to a blogger and a potential new pay to pee policy tell me that RyanAir hates their customers. RyanAir’s and the blogger Jason Roe wrote in his blog about what he thinks is […]


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13 Feb 2009

For the 1234567890 countdown, I celebrated by watching coolepochcountdown.  It was pretty exciting.  When it was time, the screen flashed and fireworks were shot and music was played!  Here’s a screenshot.

On January 15, 2008 a US Airways plane (flight 1549) made a crash landing in the Hudson River.  Luckily, there was not a single fatality.  Before they leave to pick up their loved ones, many people check the flight status to make sure it’s on time.  So I wondered: does it tell them that the […]

Over the holidays, we took a trip through Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and California.  When we were booking our Los Angeles-Seattle flight, we found that Virgin America was the cheapest flight at $80 per seat.  The next cheapest was about $110 on Southwest.  For almost all the cases that I’ve checked, Virgin has cheaper […]

I’d say I’m a casual eBay seller.  But somehow, everything I list ends up selling for more than the average comparable product.  My friend asked me how I do this.  Here are my tips: Set your initial price low.  That gets people interested.  If you set it at the price that you want, nobody will […]

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