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Well, I’ve been using the Colemak keyboard layout for 2.5 weeks now. Colemak is a keyboard layout alternative (as opposed to qwerty). Here’s what it looks like: As you may know, the keys on qwerty keyboards are the way they are for historical reasons–on typewriters, qwerty keyboards minimized the amount of jamming that occurred with […]

All too often people ask me questions that are just as easily looked up on Google. Things like “How do I burn a CD?” or “What does HTML stand for?” Sometimes I use (short for letmegooglethatforyou) to show them how easy it could have been to just Goggle it. But it takes too much […]

I finally got around to configuring Google Reader for all the tech/programming/personal blogs that I read. It was a little scary, but I’m glad I finally made the move. It’s already saving me a lot of time. I fired up Facebook to grab a lot of my friends’ blog addresses. It very tedious but I […]

I spent this entire week in court on a jury panel. It was my first time serving in a jury and I really enjoyed it. The whole process has really convinced me [more than before] of the fairness of our system. For our case, they brought in about 40 potential jurors and had us introduce […]

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I'm Jon Chin. I love technology, food, and learning. I served a mission in the Philippines and loved it. You probably can't type on my keyboard because I don't have qwerty installed--I use Colemak. I'm obsessed with learning about North Korea and abandoned anything.