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One of the critical parts of outsourcing is selecting who to hire. At GrabContent, we get 50-70 applicants for a single job posting. It’s important to decide up front what is important to your business. Doing so will set you up for finding the best match as well as help you avoid wasting precious time. […]

I’ll be honest–I haven’t been writing here as often as I’d like. Things have gotten busy with my job and all of the little projects I’ve been working on. But as of this post, I vow to do better! Back in February, my friend and I started a business that we named GrabContent. In a […]

The WebFaction install script for CakePHP (at was a bit outdated so I modified it for CakePHP Enjoy! Update: Apparently WordPress wasn’t displaying the code correctly. I’ve saved the file locally so you can install it just by clicking here. #!/usr/local/bin/python2.5 “”” CakePHP Notes: -If CakePHP isn’t going to be web accessible […]

Have you ever started a document thinking “Man, tons of other people must have done this same document or something similar. I wish there was something I could use as a sample or template”? That’s exactly what I was thinking today. And then I found .docstoc. This website is a huge repository (over 3 million […]

I was revising the tutorial on Mark The Dark and decided I needed some graphics.  Seeing that I’m cheap, I looked for free stock photo sites.  I compiled a list of the best sites I found.  These photos are great for using on websites when you want to fill up an empty space or even if […]

This past weekend, I went to Seattle Startup Weekend 2 and talked about it at jongela.  In this post, I’ll talk about the more technical parts of the experience.  When we first got there, several people (over 50 of them!) gave quick idea pitches.  They ranged from cooking websites to crowdsourcing to iPhone apps.  A […]

I decided to make a website ( to be a light graffiti community.  If you don’t know what light graffiti is, it’s a fun technique where you take LED (and other) lights and “draw” while the camera is taking the picture (you have to adjust your camera settings to do this).  Light graffiti is pretty […]

I got business cards printed a couple weeks ago and thought that it would be useful for others to see my research. Local print shops I called up various print shops near me as well as national chains like Kinko’s and Office Depot.  It was really pricey!  For business cards with full color on one […]

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25 Aug 2008

I’m starting this blog to put some of the things that I’ve been discovering.  Hopefully they’ll be useful to somebody.  I just slapped in a theme I got off of and a few plugins.

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I'm Jon Chin. I love technology, food, and learning. I served a mission in the Philippines and loved it. You probably can't type on my keyboard because I don't have qwerty installed--I use Colemak. I'm obsessed with learning about North Korea and abandoned anything.