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Saw this on Craigslist: i need a job wear i dont haf to do anything but play all the time or do wahtever i want to. i am 34 and a hi scool dropout but my dad is trying to get me kick out of the hous. i hav nevr had a job so i […]

My first hint that there was something seriously popular going around was yesterday when I got several emails telling me about KFC’s free 2-piece grilled chicken promotional.  I checked the top Google keywords and found that it was ridiculously popular.  From the top 100 queries, 24 of them dealt with the KFC promotional.  Check the […]

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I'm Jon Chin. I love technology, food, and learning. I served a mission in the Philippines and loved it. You probably can't type on my keyboard because I don't have qwerty installed--I use Colemak. I'm obsessed with learning about North Korea and abandoned anything.